Curse of the Crimson Throne

And so we got a job!

Workin' for the man..

I didn’t get to this right away so I’m going to do a quickie. Bullet form. No bells & whistles.

  • Zellara the Fortune Teller can somehow speak to us through the magical deck of cards that Alika picked up from Gaedren Lamm’s rotted boat.
  • We took Zellara’s head to the Gray District and paid a small fee for them to bury it somewhere nice. No questions asked! It was almost peaceful there compared to the unrest an near-rioting in the rest of the city.
  • Oh yeah the city is nearly rioting.
  • We saved a young noble! Maybe Cory can remind me what his name was. He might be a useful contact later. Toadie was under the impression that the guy felt he still owed us even despite the whopping 50g payout (’it’s all I have on hand right now!‘). But really the goons probably had a point in general (wealth and power inequalities and probably other legit beefs but…) but you don’t take your grievances out on someone you don’t know at all. Be smart and moral about it people! That’s what Toadie thinks anyway. Good grief.
  • We learned that Franz — god, Faustin (I’m still doing it unintentionally) — has Toadie’s back! I don’t but it sure looked like everyone else was gonna leave Toadie to stand up to the rioters alone. IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO PEOPLE!
  • Someone remembered that the Amulet we looted from Gaeden’s place was property of Queen Ileosa. The party was split on what to do with the amulet with Toadie wanting to return it to the queen (there was a real nice ransom offered) but also insisting (somewhat obnoxiously, he has a habit of insisting and bossing and whining and assuming an awful lot in an awful short period of time) that the party reach a consensus since we couldn’t very well split the amulet 5 different ways. Of course Olive would be the one to raise the noisiest objections against Toadie. After a night of sleeping on it, the party maybe got a little bullied into returning the amulet to the Queen.
  • The Queen’s Bodyguard is hot!
  • She’s also all business Faustin!
  • And maybe lesbian.
  • Toadie wasn’t sure about the Queen. Despite standing up to the rioters the previous day, he did actually sympathize more strongly with them than he did with the Queen. She sounded like kind of an awful bitch, honestly. But she sure changed Toadie’s mind! She seemed business-like, polite, stern, fair and she helped us get a job with the Korvosan Guard which is like, Toadie’s dream. Olive would be the one to express reservations. JP actually got a little miffed with Toadie for referring to the party as ‘Toadie and his companions’ which was yet another faux pas that may be grating on his new friends by now. After getting bitched out by JP (her version of bitching someone out is a raised eyebrow and a wry statement but it embarrassed Toadie a little) twice (yes he accidently did it again) he’s going to make a real effort when he’s speaking on behalf of the party to introduce everyone like equals and not like his followers.
  • We have housing with the Korvosan Guard now in the Midlands District! So ya’ll can move your smelly possessions out of Toadie’s tiny cramped hovel! Actually his stuff might just be safer in the Guard Quarters. Maybe he’ll just up and move out. He’s got money now, after all.

And that’s where we left off! Fill in anything I missed or misremembered! As always!


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