Curse of the Crimson Throne

Session 3: Sharks, Alligators, and Scumbags

...oh my!

This is mostly complete, but feel free to edit/add to it!

As Alika crept around the sturdy boardwalk, she saw the rest of the party fighting with a giant shark. Alika definitely made the right choice on that one. Meanwhile, holes appear in the lower boardwalk with increasing rapidity as a jagged-toothed shark tears into it while attacking Faustin and Toadie. The shark mauled Toadie and put some holes in his ribs! Olive helped Toadie claw his way to safety on the deck of the ship first, and the shark ran off when it began to worry that its prey was faster than it.

A much needed quick break is taken when we all get to the top of the ship. Most of the crew had to climb up a terrible moldy log to get up, after such a tumultuous journey there!

Progressing through the ship, Toadie almost steps onto a trapdoor before Alika points it out to him! With a grateful Toadie in tow, the folks then moved on to face Gaedren Lamm (who was waiting for them, having heard a mighty shark battle). He faces away as we all stand at the bottom of the stairs trying to decide who should go first. Alika, with her low-light vision, makes a go at it, immediately prompting Gaedren to shoot an arrow right past Alika and Faustin. An epic battle begins!

A flaming hailstorm rains down on the right side of the ship, covering both Gaedren Lamm and a crocodile that sits in a pit in the middle of the room. Gaedren sets his enormous pet crocodile (Gobblegut) ON FIRE which causes it to go wildly out of control! He then proceeds to taunt everyone in the party with those he’s killed, and mocks the party! Among those he lists as his kills: JP’s husband, Toadie’s junkie friend, and Alika’s parents.

Faustin bravely takes the brunt of the attacks, and is dragged into the pit by mighty thrashing jaws! The ever-vigilant Toadie, seeing his new friend in trouble, leaps onto the back of the beast and pries open its jaws!

Gaedren Lamm is afflicted by a hellish curse from the mysterious drunk warlock JP, but the party leaves him intact and almost unconscious… until he attacks the party with a vial of acid, he is consumed by the wrath of said curse turning on him, a creeping, smoking wave of mossy rot engulfing the scumbag, leaving only a bit of crumbly flesh and scorched bones… he does smell better this way, though. Meanwhile, diamond specks sharp as razors dig into the croc’s scaly skin.

Olive was very creepy with her incessant disappearing, but perhaps we should just be happy that she finally entered combat this session and even delivered our critical fatal blow to that terrible fucking crocodile (aka. Gobblegut, Crocodile Terror of Orphans) before it can tear any more of Faustin’s armor up! When denied the chance to interrogate Gaedren, the enraged Olive appears as if from nowhere with a shriek of rage. As she raises her arm to stab the beast, the nearby shadows of the players (the entire party was close enough I believe, except maybe Alika) rise in unison with her hand, and when she stabs at Gobblegut, the shadows too descend in a flurry of nightmarish stabs before dissipating, leaving the giant croc in its death throes.

Afterwards, you folks find a bunch of garbage and random clutter, as well as a small pile of loot (I’ll let you know more details on that later), including most notably an incredibly ornate, incredibly well-crafted, incredibly out of place amulet. Toadie, after hefting it and running a keen eye over it, says in a nearly hushed tone that it might be worth more money than he’s ever seen.

A hatbox is the only other thing of note here, surrounded by a cloud of buzzing flies. Toadie cautiously opens it, and upon opening it, looks sick and suddenly lurches away! When the rest of the party looks, it contains…. Zellara’s severed head!!! Alika determines that she’s been dead at least 3 weeks… and spots a blood-soaked Harrow deck underneath the head. After carefully cleaning and wrapping the deck with a cloth, Alika packs the deck away.

(You folks can take the head in the hatbox somewhere, but for now I’m assuming it was left on Gaedren’s bed unless one of you wants to carry it or bury it, etc)

With this strange twist of events in mind, the party leaves the Fishery only to discover that madness has overtaken the city! Smoke rises on the horizon, the red glow of distant fires reflecting off the smoke above. The frantic clang of alarm bells sings out in harmony with a cacophony of screams, the clash of steel on steel, shouting, and the occasional detonation of an arcane blast of some sort. As a wing of Sable Company griffon riders flies overhead in formation, arrows sprout from a griffon, trailing blood from the sky as the rider attempts to save the landing, without much success. A hundred yards down the street, they connect with the outstretched hand of a statue of King Eodred II, with bone-crunching results. Neither gets up. The wing continues flying on, some distant objective more pressing.

Over the din of the streets can be heard a Korvosan herald attempting to announce, “The king is dead! Long live the Queen!”, only to be shouted down with ragged cries from the crowd of “Hang the queen!”, and “The usurper whore must die!” followed my more fighting. Through an alleyway across the street, you can see a gang of would-be looters running by on the next street over, pursued by a lone Hellknight, greatsword already dripping with blood.

King Eodred II is dead, and Korvosa is on the edge of anarchy!

(If anyone checks, the rider’s neck is snapped and the griffon is dead)


If anyone has any comments, questions, or corrections, please just comment or let me know! Will update for more deatils / loot /etc a bit later. =)

Thanks for coming folks, and making it a fun night!


=_= So much happened!


I suspect Toadie is bewildered by the Zellara Head situation. Was that her somehow magicking herself from death to get us to kill the scum Gaedren as a final act of vengeance? Or was that something even more sinister. Someone using her likeness to get us to do their bidding? Although if someone had the power to do the latter, I assume they’d have the power to just take care of Gaedren themselves. So there is that.

Regardless, she seems like she’d been through a lot and what’s left of her deserves a burial for sure. Toadie won’t just unceremoniously leave the head at a place belonging to scum like Gaedren. It’s gross, but Toadie will probably take the box (he left his backpack at his house so he’ll have to carry it) and bury the thing when he gets a chance.

Just might have to wait (which is again gross) for a tiny bit what with the city going crazy?


Also THANK YOU so much for keeping Toadie in the session guys! I hate the whole “And then Toadie fell asleep mid encounter with a shark” type of thing and I owe you all big time for that! He sounds like he maybe almost died but I’m glad he also got a chance to look heroic prying open the gator’s jaws like that!

And uh, what is this shadow stuff with Olive? Toadie has more theoretical knowledge of the world (devouring whatever history he can find is a bit of a hobby of his) than practical knowledge gained through life experiences. But from what he understands of Warlocks, is that a power he just doesn’t know about? They can draw our shadows to gain power on attacks or something?!! I know Warlocks are weird with all their curses and stuff. If only Olive wasn’t so against metagaming so I could figure out what the heck is going on!!


Does anyone local recognize the Hellknight or especially Faustin? Or is he wearing too much crap (mostly a closed helmet I suppose) to be able to make out his features?


And lastly, (before I get back to this wedding business going on over here) is the party in any immediate danger? Like, are we going to go back to Toadie’s place where he can fetch some things? Is anyone in the party feeling especially strongly about the death of the king and the rule of the new queen? I suppose Toadie probably thought King Eodred seemed like a decent bloke as far as kings tend to go. He’s probably as suspicious as most of Korvosa is with this new queen’s intentions. But I doubt he’d feel strongly enough about it to take arms and protest. It wasn’t like the king was forced to marry the gal after all.

Toadie probably is a little worried that the rule of the city will get a little rough though. She always seemed like a harder sort of person than old Eodred…


Nobody recognizes the Hellknights, even Faustin, pretty much ever. When outside Citadel Vraid, it is rare to impossible to spy a Hellknight without their trademark demon-inspired armor, full helm, and weaponry. Although the armor and weapons are distinctive, they rarely speak or interact with anyone outside of the duties the city’s ruler has paid them for. They are paid to act as Korvosa’s most ruthless branch of law enforcement, a faceless embodiment of uncompromising order, and they do so exceedingly well.

The party is not currently being attacked, but is just leaving the Fishery for parts unknown. Nothing untoward yet, but it’s obvious that things have taken a turn for the worse in a hurry, at least!

Some folks expressed a desire in “talking” with Zellara at her house, or whoever it was. The only other big lead right now is the Incredibly Ornate Amulet found in Gaedren’s possession. Otherwise they’ll have to tell you, I’m not sure!


Olive is sulking, Toadie. It’s what happens when the guy you were about to question gets eaten by mold.




Forum post regarding this in more detail, but short answer is yes.


…..YES. YES SHE DID. grumps about

hungryjoe42 hungryjoe42

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