Curse of the Crimson Throne

The happenings of 1\29\2915

this is what you get when other people don't post :)

So I lost my work on a real post so instead of my work you are going to get Juniper’s quick account of the last assortment of happening…

Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair; nothing remains round the decay of that colossal wreck boundless and bare…

My eyes opened as the cruel rays of the sun snuck through the shambles of a window that ruled a wall of what i can only assume is my room. Life after my wandering has gotten complicated. Complicated, what a silly, indescript word. My life has become a mix of escape, mania, and danger. Sometimes, I wander in the midst of this world seeing glimpses of happening like alligators and sharks trying to eat short, horny mailed creatures and at other times I see the grit of things. The wood chipped on this inn, the rank smell of the man down the hall, the chatter of people that apparently are in my cohort, Sneaky and Silly. Sometimes, I am blissfully unaware. Wandering a midst of words and happenings. That is the use of the Silly. There is direction in that one even if he is a bit daft.

Suddenly, I feel the coaxing of the midst. I’ll be under soon. Unintelligible and delightfully free from pain. Pain. Perhaps, first I’ll… First I’ll people. Yep people. Peer in the window and there is pukey. Silly must have depuked him. Silly, Silly. Wander down stairs and who’s there. Horny passed out, Sneaky chattering and Silly doing food stuffs. Pretty face comes down afterwards. She talks of rabbits. Rabbits! Son liked rabbits. Son liked many things. Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. Silly and Sneaky say no to rabbits. Off to money things. Don’t be last! Race to stay in the front with Silly.

As we go Pretty face sees something interesting. It is a voodoo doll of one of the guardy people. She buys it. I want one. I want a rabbit one. Nothing but silly peoples. Stupid people. If I want to hurt people I can catch them. Rabbits on the hand with their hopping and running. They should have voo doo dolls.

Suddenly, I’m back and painfully aware. We are standing in front of some regal looking fellow with a multitude of ridiculous voices. Immediately I don’t trust him as I see him eyeing Sneaky with a lustful gaze. Sneaky is far too tiny for such things. As we wander through conversation with this fellow and the Lady of the Perpetual Drug Abuse I learn of a new purpose to direct my rage. Some fellow on the docks who needs discovering. If I can kill then so be it. Ready for the next adventure I follow Pretty face. She tells me her version of secrets. Sneaky shouldn’t be trusted. Silly woman. Trust is for no person. I’ll remember her warning though. I will need gold if I want to keep causing pain to others and Sneaky isn’t to be trusted.
We wander to the docks with the multilingual man and everything goes blank. Clouds. Memories. There isn’t pain here. I think I see a bar? Is it on the docks? Where are we? Why? Is Sneaky sneaking? No. That is my son. Wait, he’s dead. Why? I don’t understand. I hear myself saying I will help make someone a prostitute. Wait, that doesn’t make sense.

My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.


I love this post! Thanks for putting it up, “Ozzy”!

The happenings of 1\29\2915

Oh my gosh! This is so good even if I don’t understand a thing!

The happenings of 1\29\2915
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