Curse of the Crimson Throne

Underneath the Grey Quarter

Vreeg give you many gifts!

How has our party of heroes fared since stepping deeper into the mausoleum, their street performing backup SUPER COOL AND MYSTERIOUS INVISIBLE FRIEND having flown the coop?

With the entryway skeletons handily dispatched, the Companions search the area and spots a secret tunnel leading around the main hallway! Being brave folk, they wriggle through the narrow hand-tunneled corridors, finally peeking out to see….

What looks like an exsanguination chamber of some kind, filled with dead (primarily dessicated) humanoids. A single hunched figure with bluish grey skin and ragged cloth wraps (identified by the party as one of the Derro, Dwarfkind’s twisted maniacal brethren) is busily removing one of several very full stirges from the most recent harvest when the party bursts in to surprise him!

Somehow, they manage to put down the fellow before he can cry out, and the room is taken with naught but a whimper out of him (or the stirges that were murdered).

RETCON: Inside of the cabinet you folks searched, there was an additional magic item I had not mentioned:
Riding Boots (Adventurer’s Vault 2, pg 58, 840 gp)

With a few directions to choose from, the Companions turn to the east and enter the next hallway, an engraved chamber lined with ornamented skulls and swirling designs ending in an unfinished tunnel. As the party walks through here, a trap springs, spraying acid from the mouths of skulls embedded in the ceiling… when several of the wall-mounted skulls emerged as the heads of massive pythons, with dazzling gemstones placed in the eyesockets. They mesmerize Faustin, but are unable to penetrate his mighty steel skin and are easily dispatched.

The party rushes into the next room out of the burning acid rain, straight into the arms of another derro! Though they catch him by surprise, JP puts out a wrenching scream during one of her attacks that alerts other nearby chambers!

In the first round, another 2 derro run in to back up their compadre.

And then the shrieking began.

With madness in their eyes and murder in their hearts, the derro let forth primal screams that shake the party, repeatedly dazing them (and doing mondo damage in the process!). Though the derro are paying a price for this power, they’re happy to pay it, plus, it’s only an encounter power, surely the danger is less now. The Companions take up defensive positions in their new room, and Alika lays down a fiery hailstorm behind them to slow the partycrashers!

In the 2nd round, another derro and a flying hag by the name of Vreeg enter the room. Vreeg is a female derro wearing filthy matted robes with irregular patching, and sporting quite the fuzz-stache. Vreeg is flying at the top of the chamber (15ft up, or 3 squares), throwing blinding spells to keep the heroes off balance! The heroes manage to put down 1 of the derro, but then a new development takes place… when Vreeg starts infusing the Derro with further madness!

Your enemies eyes roll back in their heads as they begin to cackle with maniacal glee, they repeatedly shout, engulfing everyone in the room in horrible dazing damage. As they do so, they begin to bleed from the eyes, nose, and ears, clearly straining their minds and bodies to the breaking point at Vreeg’s command.

As round 3 begins, the heroes have shrugged off almost everything the bad guys can throw at them, despite incredible odds! However, from behind them in an unnoticed secret door lurks a monster… who suddenly explodes into the room with showers of splintered wood!

A horribly lumpy and mishappen Ogrekin lurches out of a hidden doorway, dragging a broken grave totem behind him.


With massive cords of muscle under misshapen flesh, Cabbagehead flings the totem in an enormous arc, hitting several of the party and causing widespread damage (and localized panic!). The party considers running… but then remember the horrible hellstorm raging at the entrance. (This was where we split up the evenings)

Round 4 begins, with Vreeg cackling “more gifts for my pretties! KEKEKEKE”, and general debuffs and misery all around. Whether she’s lighting you on fire, blinding you, or just insulting you while she floats around the room, nobody likes Vreeg. This round is a tough one, with the baddies and heroes alike spending Action Points to get in horrible blows! At the end of this round, about half the enemies are bloodied, but 2 of the Companions are unconscious!!!

Round 5 starts, and somehow those lucky sods pulled it out!! Hard choices are made and JP is left to fend for herself this round as HP gets tight all around. 2 more of the derro go down, but the hulking Cabbagehead is providing plenty of damage all on his own!
In round 6, the tide has turned. Cabbagehead is bloodied, Vreeg is rethinking her life choices so decides to leave the party with a spell to mutate and grow the already massive cabbagehead, and JP finally gets a much-needed pick-me-up.
(Please edit in your own actions if you like, this is placeholder:) JP is fresh full of kickass upon waking up, and fills Cabbagehead with fiery death, pinning him down for the party to get in some good screw-you-for-almost-killing-us kicks!


A full loot list will be provided at the end of the dungeon online, for now we’re just keeping track at session.

Alright, finally got another post on… lazy ol’ DM! If any of you wants to change this post to better reflect your ACTUAL reactions/actions, please by all means I do! I would appreciate it! =)


Thank you for doing this! And it was well done too!

Underneath the Grey Quarter

Backup? Backup?! Ugh.

Underneath the Grey Quarter
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