Toadie Dixon

Too cool for school.


ToadMan2.pngMr. Dixon is handsome enough with a relaxed, confident manner that makes him rather likeable even among his enemies. The Companions have a knack for getting under his skin, however.

He seems to dislike vague responses and especially resents riddles.


Toadie is an orphan. Had some military training from one of the 5 orphanages. Probably started seeing or hearing about Gaedran at an early age. Transitioned naturally to becoming an Inactive/Reserve member of the Korvosan Guard (the orphanages apparently push kids in that direction). Currently employed at Baylor’s Retreat in the Midland Quarter. Maybe usually as a bouncer or something. Occasionally finds some odd jobs on the side.

Feels comfortable with both the law (being in with the Korvosan Guard somewhat) and the seedier elements of society, as many of his friends have a difficult time staying out of trouble. One of these friends, Francis, especially struggled with drug addiction. Somehow this made Toadie mad at Gaedren Lamm and now he’s looking to gun that sucker down.

I am not sure if Toadie is still working at Baylor’s Retreat. It has been I think 3 days since Toadie met The Companions that fateful night at the old riddler’s house. He may have planned to request time off at first but now that he’s contracted with the Korvosan Guard, I’m not sure he has any reason to go back to his old job. Oh yeah and Gaedren is dead as is Francis. Toadie is happily contracted with the Korvosan Guard (The Companions are kicking ass) and he is starting to eye his chance to join Vencarlo Orisini’s Fighting Academy! Probably not mourning Francis overly much as that guy had been on the downward spiral a while and it was basically inevitable that he’d take that shit too far. A little sad but what can you do.

Toadie Dixon

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