Varisian fortune-teller


Zellara is an attractive middle-aged Varisian woman with long dark hair. She often produces her Harrow deck from a pocket and idly shuffles the cards, by reflex it seems. Her skill with the deck is obvious to anyone who watches her, as she makes the cards seem to float and dance over her hands and the table. She speaks in a soft but clear voice, and seems genuinely grateful to see the Players at their first meeting.


Zellara told you the location of Gaedren Lamm once everyone had come in response to her note promising information regarding the scumbag himself.

After, she offered to give you her only available gift, a Harrow Reading.

Toadie will send her flowers and a thank you note if the Gaedren Lamm intel is good. He’ll write her a framed letter endorsing her business if this vague hedging-your-bets-by-not-being-very-specific-with-the-damned-fortunes business ends up proving useful.


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