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  • Toadie Dixon

    Toadie is an orphan. Had some military training from one of the 5 orphanages. Probably started seeing or hearing about [[:gaedren | Gaedran]] at an early age. Transitioned naturally to becoming an Inactive/Reserve member of the[[The Korvosan Guard | …

  • Olive Eido

    Whatever information Olive was looking to get out of [[:gaedren | Gaedren Lamm]] died with him. She took it rather poorly. Olive has mixed feelings about the employment [[:toadie | Toadie]] secured for the party. Given her "upbringing", she doesn't …

  • Alika

    Gypsy background. Sells vegetables to the Poors. Hates Gaedran for killing her parents.

  • JP (Juniper)

    (unlike that [[:olive | Olive]]...) JP is a slight woman who is a little bit... different. Her world twisted five years ago when her beautiful life as a portly wife and mother disintegrated. She left that life and this city. Now back she is a …