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  • Pre-game mutters!

    Just after a quick and brutal skirmish in the surprisingly moldy (and unsurprisingly smelly) fish-gut factory, our intrepid group of heroes decides to jump down to the boardwalk below, except for [[:alika | Alika]] who just never could stand the squelch …

  • Session 3: Sharks, Alligators, and Scumbags

    *This is mostly complete, but feel free to edit/add to it!* As Alika crept around the sturdy boardwalk, she saw the rest of the party fighting with a giant shark. Alika definitely made the right choice on that one. Meanwhile, holes appear in the lower …

  • Player Characters

    [[:alika | Alika]] the traveling vagabond [[:faustin | Faustin Brambleshield]] the dwarf slut [[:francis | Francis]] the druggie [[:olive | Olive Eido]] the loudmouth [[:drunk | The Drunk]] the alcoholic and sadly the only sensible one [[:toadie | …

  • People in Campaign

    This is where you can find out about the people you've met, and about those who live in Korvosa and how to get along in daily life there.

    [[Player Characters | Player …

  • Game Rules

    This here is where rules and game mechanics articles will be stored! First among them are the [[Wealth Rules | Wealth Rules]]! Nothing else just yet.