Vencarlo Orisini

A tall man of advanced years and owner of the renowned Orisini Academy fighting school, with a bounce to his step that hints at the vibrancy and inner fire of a man half his age.


He wears his salt-and-pepper hair pulled back tightly into a bravo’s top-knot, above eyes cast of a deep green like the ocean after a storm. He is of Old Chelish blood, and it shows! He also wears a pair of fine black leather gloves at nearly all times to protect his favorite blade, a shining steel rapier that never leaves his side.

Perception: The party also noticed (on a DC 20 Perception) that the outer two fingers of Vencarlo’s right hand are fake, but he is quite good at hiding it with his mannerisms and other hand.


A renowned swordfighter, he operates a famous fencing school in Old Korvosa. Despite being an often outspoken critic of the government, he maintains a friendship with Field Marshal Cressida Kroft and often supplies her with intel from his network of contacts.

Vencarlo was once a mentor to both Grau and Sabina, until a falling out that he remains reluctant to speak of. (The party has heard it rumoured that Grau and Vencarlo may have both been in love with Sabina at the time, but she wasn’t really their type er they weren’t her type…)

Current Events:

Vencarlo has recently introduced himself to the party, and offered his support as well as an open invitation to his fencing school in the heart of Old Korvosa.

Vencarlo Orisini

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