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Where in the world are we? Korvosa is the largest city [which is not saying much] in a frontier region called Varisia which is part of the continent called Avistan which is in the world Golarian. All in all, from what I can tell, we are small fish in a small pond on a small island of the world. But there are some even smaller fish around us so we got something!


So far the party have met each other and a fortune-teller named Zellara who has given them the whereabouts of Gaedren Lamm, whom we all seek. There are also many other NPCs in Korvosa, many of whom are well known and worth reading about!

Historical People & Events

The timeline is currently finished and available within. Hooray!
This section is currently being fleshed out with historic characters and other facts native Korvosans (and amateur historians) would be likely to know.

Here’s a link now if you must get your Golarian history fix:

Game Rules

This section is for all things 4th edition D+D that you folks may find helpful.
Now with 100% more Wealth Rules!!

Main Page

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